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Property management


I offer your property management (apartment, home, room).

If you have a property but don't have the time to manage it, then I can help you.

Property management process includes following:

  • Take down utility meter readings every month;
  • Problem solving questions and specialist organizing;
  • Sending invoices and reminders;
  • Preparation of additional documents during the contract
  • (delivery certificate, reservation agreement, declaration agreement, renewal agreement, etc.);
  • Monthly report (video tour of the apartment)

If you have a full-time job and it's hard to find constantly communication with Tenant/Lessee then trust your property to me. You will be able to continue to do what you do the best and I will do the same.


- 1-2 rooms: 70 EUR *

- 3 rooms: 100 EUR *

- 4 rooms: 150 EUR *

- 5 rooms: 180 EUR *

* Prices may slightly vary depending on the location of the property.

Atis Sturiska


phone: +371 28300080